Texas' Most Repected Latino Leader Endorses Obama

Speaking of the hugely important upcoming primary in Texas....Its most respected Latino--State Rep. Pete Gallego--just endorsed Senator Barack Obama.

Gallego is chairman of the Texas Mexican American Legislative Caucus.

Here's bit of what he had to say:

"I made a determination that it's time to pass the mantle on to a new set of folks at the national level."

"Obama's life story and his values are so much closer to the Latino community than any candidate other than Bill Richardson."

"Part of what drives me is his life story. It's a fascinating life story. It's more than just the issues, it's his values. I think Hispanics and South Texas should really be able to relate to him."
The non-partisan Mexican American Legislative Caucus comprises most Latino members of the Texas House of Representatives. Gallego said he was in the process of contacting other Democrats in MALC to see who they are lining up for in the presidential election.

I wonder who will have more influence with Caucus members, Mr Gallegos or Hillary's demoted Ms. Patti Solis Doyle?

Also, isn't this notable endorsement, the endorsements of other Latino leaders, and the millions of Latinos that regularly vote for African Americans candidates, including, of course, Barack Obama, yet more evidence that the Clinton Campaign's cynical belief that Latinos are too racist to support an African American a truly despicable lie?