127MM U.S. Latinos by 2050

The Pew Research Center issued population projections today showing that the U.S. population will reach 438 million by 2050 given current fertility, longevity and immigration trends. Of that population, 127 million, or 1 of 3 Americans will be persons of Latino heritage.

Additionally, the percentage of nonLatino Whites dips below 50% to a projected 47% of the population. People of color will comprise a majority. By comparison, White nonLatinos were 85% of the population as recently as 1960.

My view is that these demographic trends are the result of the Americanization of the United States and Canada. The restrictionists have been doing all they can to slow the process down through anti-immigrant pogroms, Berlin-type walls, black boot scare tactics, anti-Latino harassments, and illegal anti-immigrant worker municipal codes. However, the population trends are natural and irreversible.