Prediction: Obama-Biden Win with 353 EVs

American Taíno has followed this historic presidential election with the belief and hope that America would again chose a leader worthy of the office of the president.

America demands a leader whose progressive policies will lead to a fairer economic system, more jobs with good salaries, better schools, health coverage for all, sensible foreign policies, environmental action, immigration reform and better fiscal management. A tall but necessary agenda.

In surveying the early field of candidates it became clear early on that only Barack Obama offered the best chance for such change. A relatively unknown rookie senator from Chicago, Illinois, with a funny name and of biracial heritage, Obama seemed to many an unlikely answer to America's leadership needs.

Improbably, twenty-four months later Obama stands on the verge of becoming America's next president.

But by what margin victory? That is, will he squeak by or will he win a mandate for change?

American Taíno predicts that when the last vote is counted tomorrow, Obama-Biden will defeat McCain-Palin 353 electoral votes to 185. In political terms, a landslide.

The next 24 hours will likely be every bit as exciting as the proceeding 2 years.

Stay tuned.

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