Latino Bloggers Celebrate Obama's Victory

In a quick survey of Latino political bloggers, it's apparent they reflect the joy, pride and sense of relief so many Americans feel in the historic election of Barack Obama as the 44th U.S. President. Some though are set to hold President Obama accountable from Day One on issues of critical importance to Latino voters.

The following is a sampling of Latino political blogger reactions:

Octogenarian first-time voters
Lotería Chicana
This morning, despite both having nagging colds, Papá Chepe and Mamá Toni went out to vote. My dad helped them fill out their sample ballots and drove them to their polling place in Hacienda Heights. They waited half an hour before voting. When they got home, Lori made them pose for a photo. They were proud to show off their stickers. Later, I called Papá Chepe on his cell phone.

“¿Votaron por Obama?” I asked.

“Sí,” Papá Chepe responded. “Lo tenemos que meter.”

Chicana on the Edge
I was in Grant Park on Tuesday night, not in the actual event, but standing with thousands of people just outside of the fenced area. When CNN called it for Obama, everyone started yelling and cheering and hugging each other. I stood there stunned for a minute before I began to clap and cheer also. Couples embraced, people cried, including me. The huge Jumbotron showed the words "Obama" and "president" and it was an incredible moment.

Last night “That One” became our President-Elect!
We witnessed history in the making yesterday folks in selecting the first African-American President-Elect to govern this great nation. This is monumental, not only for our African-American brothers and sisters, but for all non-WASP people who have ever dreamed that one day, we may achieve success in this right-center, Anglo dominated country. Barack Hussein Obama, born to an immigrant father and a white woman from Kansas, represents the new face of America, one that is not so easily categorized but reflects the true complexity of what our nation has become.

You Can Call Him "President-Elect Obama" Now
Latino Pundit
There are no words to describe how immensely ecstatic I am right now. I am so lucky to have been able to witness history in the making.

President Barack Hussein Obama!
The Unapologetic Mexican
CONGRATULATIONS TO BARACK OBAMA, the 44th president (-elect) of the United States of America. And to all who supported and worked for or contributed in some way toward this moment. It has been an overwhelming and amazing night. Here’s looking toward the future, and all it may contain.

Some thoughts on last night's election
South Texas Chisme
Obama won by a landslide! OK, I admit it. I'm glad. Obama's way better than the other guy. But, I am still mad about a few things - tone deafness with respect to women, the FISA vote and 'the end justifies the means' campaign tactics. OK, I have hope. But, I am watching and hoping he selects strong women and Hispanics to be around him. Hoping he undoes the damage Bush did to our constitution and the basic fabric of our governmental institutions.

Yes we can.... and we did!!
Tonight I can go to bed at ease... this nightmare of the Bush administration is almost over, and none too soon. I pray for our new president - there are just too many people filled with hate and remain concerned, in large part a result of the McCain gutter campaign. But now is a time to hope, to celebrate. Now, we really can hope. Now we can really instill in our children the possibility of their becoming a future president of the USA. Choosing hope over fear. "Keep hope alive!"

That Whole Latino Vote Thing : A look at the Numeros
What's next for Latinos, voters or not? Ensuring that at the top of the agenda is ending the terrorism of ICE and that U.S. policy towards Latin America moves away from colonial paternalism. A tall order that not even an Obama presidency may be able to fill.

Political Jargon
no controles
Democracy is like banana bread. Even if you don’t always like all the nuts in it, ya have to admit, it’s pretty good! And i have to admit, i’m happy McCain got his personality back as a parting gift.

Congratulations To El Presidente! We Love You World!
You are probably in a particular good mood today world. Right? Right? So are we. Today, with the confirmed election of Barack Obama as the future President of the United States, there is light at the end of the tunnel during these difficult times.

Obama Must Usher In Era of Rational and Transparent Government
Of América
Lastly, an Obama Administration should set a more humane and rational tone around immigration, a tone that shuts down the borders of irrationality and violence in government while also fostering greater understanding of and openness to the geopolitical, legal and other complexities of immigration today.

Felicidades to Obama and Fortuño
Puerto Rico Sun
As a Boricua, it is amazing and inspiring to see that the first African-American has been elected to serve this country. I am happy I was able to witness this historical moment. Yes we can!

Obama should read between the lines – Latinos matter
The South Chicagoan
I say that because Obama got strong Latino support, even though he ran a presidential campaign that at times seemed not to care about the part of the U.S. population that is skyrocketing in size.

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  1. Anonymous3/20/2009

    I find it rather abhorrent that we as a Latino people would be overjoyed by Obama's victory. Issues pertaining to Identity Politics aside, what are we to expect from a man who is Pro Abortion ? Aren't the majority of us Catholic and aware that it is a Mortal Sin (ie Damns one to Hell, unless repented of via Confession) to support such a position as well as a candidate who supports such a position ? We constantly complain that we don't have leaders in our communities and such, but I ask you how are we to expect to have a future when we are killing our futures via abortion and birth control. I'm not saying I'm Pro McCain either, but I am Pro Life and Anti Gay Union. If you haven't already deduced it by now I'm Catholic.

    I think this video sums up quite nicely the agenda of the man or rather the powers that be that put him into office. I ask you all to consider this video's message before we go about celebrating a man who supports the slaughter of Innocents. Is this not what also lead to the dwindling of our ancestors The Ancient Ones (The Taino), how are the few of us who are left (I am proud to have the triad of The Puerto Rican nation coursing through my veins.) to reconcile such a decision ?

    Let us reflect and repent.