The Polling 'Mala Práctica' of Sergio Bendixon

The Latino vote is in play in the presidential contest, so writes Josh Gerstein, a reporter for the conservative New York Sun. He arrives at his surprising finding even though the facts suggest otherwise. The data--which Gerstein mentions and then ignores--clearly show that Obama is beating McCain by a two-to-one margin among Latino voters in ALL national polls.

So how is it that Gerstein sees a reality different than what the professional national polls (including Gallup and NBC/Wall Street Journal) are picking up?

Well, it seems that Gerstein gets his wisdom from Sergio Bendixon, a "prominent Hispanic pollster", who's gut, it seems, tells him that Latinos nationally are not as taken by Obama. Without a shred of evidence, Bendixon--owner of Bendixen & Associates, a multi-lingual opinion survey group in Coral Gables, Florida--claims that Obama's double-digit lead over McCain among Latinos nationally is false.

Bendixon's special knowledge appears to come from his reading of his own "poll" among Latinos (mostly Cubans) of Miami/Dade County. It's a survey in which the self-proclaimed expert in multi-ethnic survey research finds lots of love for McCain among his hometown Cubans and a split McCain/Obama preference among other local Latinos.

While Bendixon's survey may represent Miami/Dade Latino voter preference, it says zippo, nada about Latino voter preference nationally or anywhere else outside of Bendixon's home turf.

Remember though that Bendixon is the guy who did Spanish language polling for Hillary--and may still be at her service. And he is also the Clinton political operative that went on record with the disgusting assertion that "Hispanics" won't vote for the Black man.

Note to political candidates: Do buy Bendixon's polls--and his opinions--if you have money to waste.

BTW: I'd love to listen in on Mr. Bendixon's Spanish language interviews. If their tone and wording reflects the class/racial attitudes of Mr. Bendixon and his telenovela clients, one would have to declare them polling mala práctica.

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