Latinos Rising Lance a Nativist GOP?

The New Democrat Network has published Hispanics Rising 2, a report on the Latino electorate and the 2008 presidential elections.

NDN's conclusion?

The harshness of the current immigration debate has changed American politics -- and Latinos may now flex their growing electoral clout by tipping upwards of five critical swing states in favor of the Democrats in 2008 in response to the GOP's anti-Latino and anti-immigrant politics.

• The Republican handling of immigration has been one of the biggest strategic mistakes by a modern party in recent American history. In 2006, the national GOP spent tens of millions of dollars and tremendous brand power in making immigration a winning issue for them. It failed.

• Meanwhile, the relentless demonization of Latinos by the GOP has turned this community, the fastest-growing section of the American electorate, against them, erasing significant gains that had been made.

• Latinos are becoming an energized political force. Millions marched against anti-immigrant sentiment, turnout is climbing and citizenship applications have soared.

• If the GOP’s experience in California is replicated nationally, it may spell 21st century electoral doom for the GOP.

• In 2008, the GOP cannot build a reliable electoral map without the heavily Latino swing states of AZ, CO, FL, NM and NV. Democrats have many more tools than they did in 2004 to take advantage of the tremendous GOP stumble.

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