Shawn Kiehne: A Gringo With A Mexican Heart

Shawn Kiehne is a 32 year old Southwesterner of German heritage who calls himself El Gringo. Fluent in Spanish from his days working with Mexican Vaqueros on his uncle's ranch near El Paso, Kiehne has transformed himself into an emerging star in the Regional Mexican musical genre.

Talk about a reverse crossover dream!

A staunch defender of Mexican immigrants, Kiehne concludes his "El Corrido del Gringo" with these lyrics:

I respect immigrants and of this I’m sure
We need to be good neighbors and not build a wall
To my illegal friends who live in the U.S.
As a gringo I want to tell you to keep dreaming and fighting
This country needs your effort and your work.

With 35 million persons of Mexican heritage in the U.S., 1million U.S. nationals living in and loving Mexico, millions more Americans fascinated by all things Mexican, add in the growing number of U.S. children of partial Mexican heritage, and Kiehne's embrace may help spur the emergence of a pro-Mexican sentiment among younger Americans.

Link: Born in America, Heart in Mexico


  1. Anonymous2/07/2009

    it's the first time i see your blog... thanks to Nadya Suleman notice.. Im very impresionada with your work.
    thank you for put the notice on time with your comments.
    felicidades!!! excelente pagina!
    Saludos desde Georgia, de una mexicana.

  2. Anonymous4/24/2010

    I am from Georgia tambien, saludos a todos los mexicanos