66% of Latino Voters Favor Obama

Latino voters favor Barack Obama for president over John McCain by 66% to 23%, according to poll by the Pew Hispanic Center. (So much for Bendixon's gut feeling.)

In addition to their strong support for Obama, Pew found that Latino voters have moved sharply into the Democratic camp in the past two years, reversing a pro-GOP tide that had been evident among Latinos earlier in the decade. Some 65% of Latino registered voters now say they identify with or lean toward the Democratic Party, compared with just 26% who identify with or lean toward the GOP.

Why? The rampant anti-Latino nativism of the GOP since 2001 is a big reason. However, the free-flowing hostility towards the country's most dynamic and fast-growing ethnic group is symptomatic of the failed presidency of George W. Bush and the party he leads. Latinos--as do decent Americans everywhere--insist upon enlightened, effective and accountable national leaders.

The poll surveyed 2,015 Latino registered voters from June 9 through July 13, 2008. Interviews were conducted in English and Spanish.

Link: 2008 National Survey of Latinos: Hispanic Voter Attitudes

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