The Most Credible and Authentic Independent Latino Blog

It's an honor whenever readers--especially fellow bloggers--think enough of what you do to recommend it to others.

The publisher of my oh my oh my oh has done just that in Pensamientos con los blogueros -- a search for the best online Latino oriented election coverage. She/he picked the best of the Latino Netroots in these three categories: Individual Bloggers; Intentional/Professional Blogs: and Spanish Language websites.

Here are the top choices:

Individual Blogger

American Taíno - The most credible and authentic independent Latino blog I found, author identified himself and covers a variety of topics with an open and independent mind.

Intentional/Professional Blog

Latinos for Obama Blogspot - “Latinos for Obama is part of the Democratic National Committee Hispanic Caucus’ CasaBlanca Project, a grassroots group.”

Spanish Language Website

Tu voto es tu futuro - The Spanish Language news service of AOL. Good continuous balanced coverage of both candidates – sort of looks foreign after looking at so many one sided blogs and web sites. One of the two Latino or Spanish language pieces on McCain’s address to the National Council of La Raza that I found (the other was at American Taino) and the only place where I saw strong anti-Obama comments posted from users.

Very cool.

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