The elites' war

The elites' war (by Paul Campos, RockyMountainNews - 5.29.07)

Last week I had lunch with a former student of mine. Her boyfriend, a Marine, is about to be deployed to Iraq. She spoke candidly of how he's using his own money to buy higher quality body armor than that provided him by the military, and how she doubts their relationship will survive his deployment, even if he does.

She's not a particularly demonstrative person, but it was easy to detect the rage, frustration and anxiety in her voice as she described the logistics of what's involved in getting shipped off to fight George W. Bush's war against Islamoterrofascism, or whatever it's being called this week.

It can't be repeated often enough that the only reason we're still in Iraq is because the American elites have almost no personal investment in this war.


BTW: A Coloradoan of Latino heritage, Campos is a law professor, author and newspaper columnist.

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