No Immigrant In His Right Mind Is Gonna Go

No immigrant in his right mind is gonna go: Mayor lauds parts of Senate plan, then blasts it as a 'feel-good' fraud (by Tina Moore, NYDailyNews - 5.19.07)

[NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg applauded proposed immigration reform yesterday that he said would tighten borders and abandon the "crazy concept" of deporting 12 million people who are here illegally.

But he also joined an array of politicians and advocates acknowledging the proposal's blemishes - including rules that illegal immigrants already here return to their home countries to reapply for entry, and a guest worker program that would require them to leave after two years.

"Nobody in their right mind is going to leave," Bloomberg said. "It's a fraud. It's a feel-good kind of law that says, 'Ah, we passed this,' but it is not practical."


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