NY State Democrats Denounce Steve Levy's Anti-Immigrant Policies

A group of 30 New York State Assembly members are denouncing Suffolk County Executive Steve Levy for inciting anti-immigrant sentiment. The group blasts Levy for selectively going after Latino immigrants in the enforcement of housing codes but leaving white summer home renters alone--a group which is widely known for packing as many as 40 people into a small rental cottages in the Hamptons and Fire Island.

Resolution sponsors include Assemblyman Adriano Espaillat of Manhattan and Assemblyman Phil Ramos of Brentwood in Suffolk County.

Suffolk County Democratic Party leaders are trying to stop the resolution from being debated in the state's lower house.

Meanwhile, the hugely popular Levy is cruising towards an easy re-election in the fall. He's guaranteed Democratic party backing, he's been endorsed of the county's Independence and Conservative parties and the GOP is considering doing the same.


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