Coffee (café) is a Health Drink

Seriously, cafe as a health drink. Si!

As per WebMD -- Coffee: The New Health Food? Plenty of health benefits are brewing in America's beloved beverage. -- coffee may lower your risk of diabetes, Parkinson's disease, colon cancer, lift your mood, treat headaches and even lower your risk of cavities.

It's a miracle drink!

So drink your cafe as if your health depends on it. But make sure it's good cafe because bad coffee is an insult, a waste of money, and potentially harmful to your salud.

Problem though is that most U.S. coffees ought not be classified as cafe. What the average Americano consumes may be more properly tagged as a coffee derivative, blackened water, a coffee simulation, Starbucks, a beverage everyone pretends is coffee, but NOT Cafe.

Verdad, no? Be honest.

Typical coffee (store and coffee shop brands) are almost always stale, chemically treated, de-caffed or caffeine spiked, poorly roasted, and born from poor quality beans. Bad coffee - no health benefits.

Price coffees are some of the biggest cafe impostors.


  1. I'm interested in how cafe compares to tea (green, mate, etc).

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  3. Coffee has been hailed as the best health drink especially for people having low BP this is prescribed as a medicine.

  4. Anonymous1/18/2011

    I love coffee so much.