Sotomayor Day 2: Wise Latina 2 -- Good Ole Boys 0

The questioning of Sonia Sotomayor began in earnest today in the U.S. Senate; unfortunately for Republican interrogators, it was a 2nd bad day. For example, Sessions of Alabama tried desperately to trip Sotomayor on issues of law that she's better informed about; and Lindsey Olin Graham of South Carolina, a fellow known for slavishly promoting John McCain's presidential bid and defending his volcanic temper, bullied on about Sotomayor's 'temperament' problem. Yeesh!

Sonia Sotomayor doesn't suffer fools lightly, but--given the high stakes and the power of her adversaries--is nonetheless forced to tolerate buffoons.


  1. Anonymous7/15/2009

    Indeed, she is making them look stupid, which by and large they are. What a joke confirmation has become.

  2. Gamblers and Bettors : The Shares of Sonia Sotomayor are skyrocketing. A boom of betting for 75 votes for Sonia in Senate

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    Gamblers and Bettors are always better than polls at predictions, and zillions of times better than foolish prejudiced and passionate journalists. ( those are the worst seers in these games )

    That means that there is a possibility that we have an additional task of blogging the Triumph of Sonia. Just a probability or possibility. The Triumph is not secure.

    In that case. ... We have to decide whether we blog the Senate Victory as the defeat of the Republicans or some Bad Guys.

    Or as the Victory of Good Americans, including millions of Whites.... People that are kind and nice. The Good Soul of America soars, this is very sincere .... I love those Senate Ladies when they speak of Sotomayor ... There are millions of people like Amy Kloubuchar and Diane Feinstein, without Racism or Prejudices and with a Big Heart.

    Negativity is very ugly, but springs from passion, and passion in writing is the best motor....

    On the other side, there is something called History, and History wants and loves the Good People, an "American Story" and not the Idiots .... although one or two villains are good for poetical reasons.

    You can not have a good novel or movie without a villain !!

    Perhaps we can reach a solution to this heavy riddle and dilema. What am I going to write if Sonia conquers ???

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    Vicente Duque