Sotomayor Day 3: Wise Latina By TKO (w/an Assist From Pat Buchanan)

TKO! Game-over...Sonia Sotomayor wins. Now we'll just have wait for the vote to make it official.

Why am I so sure it's over?

Simple. The Republican's only line of attack against Sotomayor -- a veteran jurist deemed highly qualified by the American Bar Association and previously vetted and confirmed by both Republicans and Democrats -- is the anthesis of her race-baiting, facists and patronizing prosecutors inspired by the leader of the Republicans Rush Limbaugh and former Republican presidential candidate Patrick Buchanan.

Watch Cenk and Maddow rip the Buchanan for his unapologetic white supremacist campaign against Sotomayor.

It's simply beyond laughable to believe that Sotomayor is the racist, and Buchanan, the true believer in civil rights.

IMO, Their ugly strategy has backfired!

Watch how a number of Republicans will seek to distant themselves from the ugly racists of their party will now vote for Sotomayor.


  1. Gerry :

    Thanks for posting interesting informations and Editorial opinions. Kindness and Humanity !

    I admire you and I think that you are a human being that is alive and not a zombie, or a vegetal. You have a heart.

    Thanks for your presence in the internet. I will keep coming to your pages almost everyday !


    There is another activism going on for Injustice :

    Anti-Sonia Hypocrisy and Superb Ignorance :

    The Ricci Decision of the Supreme Court and Conservative Judicial Activism

    There is a Great Dissatisfaction and Protest of Great Lawyers, Jurists, Experts in Constitutional Law, Professors of Law. Great Inconformity and Disagreement with the Supreme Court, the Ricci decission and other previous ones.

    There are so many learned articles condemning the Supreme Court on Ricci and other decisions, that I have assembled a page of links on these hot-red topics.

    Here :

    Links to Supreme Court and its Conservative Judicial Activism - Hurting Civil Rights and Minorities

    Vicente Duque

  2. "The most Devilish Feat of the Devil" - And - "If there is no God then Everything is Allowed"

    The Priest of my village once told me that the "The most Devilish Feat of the Devil was to persuade us that the Devil does not exist" .... He told me that a Pope many years ago had proclaimed that exact phrase.

    Since we are not scared of being boiled in vegetable oil, or roasted in eternal flames then we are allowed to do more things.

    So Fyodor Dostoevsky was right : "If there is no God then Everything is Allowed"

    That may explain the many Governors that go in sexual excursions with lovers, courtesans and prostitutes, using tax money, this is thanks to the generosity and imbecility of taxpayers that believe in their lies about "Family Values" and many confessions of Great Friendship and Allegiance to "God", and the pastors that approve and applaud them before elections.

    And Now the Worst Racists in the World are telling us that "Racism no longer exists" that "Racism is dead" and that the only racists are Minorities like Judge Sonia Sotomayor.

    The Racists are the "Hispanics" or "Blacks" ... and this has even received the name of Reverse Racism.

    So, the Ugly Racism of Yore doesn't exist any longer, and only foolish Minorities with Inferiority Complexes do Reverse Racism !

    We are now living in the PostRacist Nirvana, in the Paradise of PostRaciality.

    Thanks Heaven that we escaped those horrible times of Yesterday and can live in perfect Happiness and Understanding now, and Thanks God that we are secure now of finding Friendship, Kindness and Love everywhere.

    Thanks Heaven, Thanks God, and Thanks the Devil !!


    Vicente Duque