Sonia Sotomayor: A New Yorker to the Core

The New York Times describes Sonia Sotomayor as “a daughter” of The Bronx who “claims the Brooklyn Bridge as her power-walking trail, the specialty shops of Greenwich Village as her grocery store, and the United States Court House as the setting for her annual Christmas party.”

Juan Sotomayor, a doctor who lives near Syracuse, says his sister Sonia is as much a New Yorker as she is a Latina (“it’s her essence”). “I always joke that her vision does not extend beyond the Hudson River.”

Ms. Sotomayor, a high-achieving student among high achievers at a Catholic high school in the Bronx, ventured outward to Princeton and Yale. Her return to New York, in which she was filled with ambition and drive as ferocious as the city itself, fit a familiar narrative. Often, friends say this image lingers in their mind’s eye: Ms. Sotomayor poring over law books and legal papers. Some days, she has said, it is hard enough to find time to sleep.


  1. I love Sonia so much that I devote hours to gather hundreds of Videos and Articles praising her and doing Rational Evaluations, not Republican Hate ( in MILENIALS.COM )


    Adrian Perez of the Latino Journal Blogspot


    publishes an article by

    Dianne Edmondson, Examiner, July 10, 2009

    saying that the GOP and Latinos have a lot in common.

    And that GOP is wonderful for Latinos.

    You can add comments to the excellent blog of Adrian Perez. A very useful and excellent blog.

    But this time I am not so dazzled with what good friend Adrian publishes.

    Remember : One year ago, Luis Ramirez was killed by Brutal Coward Terrorists in Shenandoah Pennsylvania.

    You can write comments in his blog.


    Vicente Duque

  2. Anonymous8/06/2009

    She's not just a Sabia Latina, she's also a Sabia Taina (I would guess).
    Why aren't the Native American groups celebrating her as one of their own?