David Crosby & Graham Nash @ Obama Rally - Eisenhower Park

Relentless of 100 Years is Enough sent me this video he took from last night's David Crosby and Graham Nash set at the Obama Rally at Eisenhower Park (Hempstead, New York) -- a production of Yes We Can Long Island.

Crosby and Nash performed This Is My Country, a powerful call to take our country back, and the classic, Teach Your Children Well. These guys bring back all sorts of memories from my college days at Albany State. Very nicely done.

BTW: Barack Obama and Joe Biden will carry Long Island, a region of New York that was--and still is in parts--subjected to Republican/Conservative domination. Think of pols Al D'Amato and Peter King, and FOX propagandists Sean Hannity and Bill O'Reilly. It's a legacy from which America's first suburbs are slowly recovering.

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