Jorge Mas Santos Favors Barack Obama

Jorge Mas Santos of the Cuban American National Foundation, the leading Cuban exile organization with a distinctly conservative Republican hue, spelled out the five policy changes the presidential candidates must pursue to win the Cuban American vote (How to Win the Cuban American Vote, WashPo 10.25.08).

1) Allow direct aid to dissidents.
2) Lift restrictions on travel and remittances.
3) Maintain sanctions on hard currency.
4) Engage democratic forces in Cuba.
5) Rebuild U.S. intelligence capabilities in Cuba.
Furthermore, Mas Santos cited George W. Bush's failed policies towards Cuba, and then concludes his letter with an endorsement of Barack Obama as the candidate whose US-Cuba approach best matches his proposal.


Controversial. Upsetting to some (as expressed here and here). And potentially a game-changer for the evolving politics of South Florida. Stay tuned!

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