Who Won the 3rd Obama McCain Debate? Obama

The third and final Obama-McCain Debate from Hofstra University is over and the world wants to know who won. Focus groups on CBS, CNN and FOX gave a big win to Obama. Additionally, snap polls at CBS and CNN found Obama the clear victor by a two-to-one margin.

My take is that Obama was steady, unflustered, and gave detailed responses to questions about his plans. McCain was more aggressive, emotional and presented a Republican program of more corporate tax cuts, free trade agreements and against a woman's right to choose. Obama was a bit cautious but relaxed; while McCain was overly anxious and a bit angry.

The big news--if that's what it can be called--is that McCain denied that he's George W. Bush (duhhh!!!!) and that he didn't care about an "old washed up terrorist"; and Obama dismissed the Ayers question as a McCain obsession and distraction.

Additionally, the intimate setting of the two men sitting at a table in front of a televised audience was not the forum forum for harsh partisan red meat. Obama was focused on calmly presenting his plans to undecided independents; while McCain came off as the prickly ideologue of the past appealing to his base.

The winner? Obama

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