Obama As HomeCare Worker

Interesting video of Senator Barack Obama spending the day doing the work of Ms. Pauline Beck, a homecare worker and SEIU member. The video captures him doing dishes, preparing a meal, folding laundry and making a bed--and he seems geniunely comfortable doing the chores and talking about the importance of Ms Beck to the health and wellness of her patient.

BTW: When viewing this video try imagining Ms Hillary, Bill, W, Cheney, or any other of their types, in Obama's place. Can not imagine it, right? Me neither.

What a difference it'll make to finally have a president that understands, values and respects the Paulines of the world and the people they care for.

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  1. Anonymous3/02/2008

    Thank you for showing this. You couldn't get Hillary Clinton to do this, even if you held a gun to her head. And Patty Solis Doyle wouldn't do this either, since it would conflict with her telenovela schedule.