Reason #4 Why the Clinton Campaign Needs To Be Shutdown: Clinton Money Machine Sputtering

After raising records amounts of cash for her presidential run ($175MM thus far), and then spending it unwisely, Hillary's "Inevitable" campaign and the vaunted Clinton money machine is sputtering. Actually, the wheels started to fall off as early as late January-- just a few weeks into the primary season--when Hillary was forced to "loan" her campaign $5 million.

The campaign stayed afloat by squeezing their small but ardent group of money people hard for more cash, spinning the media, and by doing well in Ohio and Texas (aided by Rush Limbaugh's sinister Operation Chaos).

Doomed by an unlikable candidate and its toxic racial tactics, the Clinton machine is has been sputtering. While MSM allies pretend otherwise, the campaign is sinking in the polls nationally, losing support from party leaders, African Americans and progressives.

The result? Finally, the pro-Clinton funding spigot appears to be turning off. (Question: What exactly have those 20 or so very rich and very politically connected folks been promised? See here, here, here and here.)

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