Obama as Giant Killer?

Catherine Dodge makes an excellent point (Obama Looms as Giant-Killer in Ohio, Texas as Clinton Star Dims - Bloomberg News - 3/3/08) :

If Barack Obama defeats Hillary Clinton in Texas or Ohio tomorrow, he will take control of a unified Democratic Party and enter the race against John McCain with an already-established reputation as a political giant- killer.

John McCain will be transformed from despised RINO (Republican In Name Only) and favorite whipping boy of the loony right, to political hero and savior of the GOP and the country. Already he's inherited many of Bush/Cheney's Industrial Military Complex backers.

Therefore, it makes sense that McCain's Democratic opponent be someone with the proven ability to take down a revered political icon. Hillary has struggled against a newcomer and does not exhibit any of the agility, judgement, stamina and campaign smarts necessary for the task ahead.

The logical choice to play David to McCain's Goliath is Obama. Am I wrong?

Yes, We Can!

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