Puerto Rico to Pick the Next U.S. President? It may not be so crazy.

It's possible that tomorrow's Super Tuesday II results will give both Obama and Hillary enough to continue their battle through to the end. What's interesting is that the final primaries in June happen in Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands -- and they could prove decisive. Really.

May be it's just me, but that thought is just a tad surreal. It's like something out of a Latin American "surreal realism" novel in which things are upside down and nothing that you see or hear is as it appears.

Think about it...Puerto Rico Commonwealth voters determining the next president of the U.S.! It'll be like "Livin La Vida Loca"-- but in a good Gabriel Marquez sort of way.


  1. That would be a strange turn of events.

  2. Not so strange afterall ... they have all the right in the world after 110 years of uninvited interaction that began out of the U.S. initiative, they came to us first, we didn't come to them at the outset!! :)

    Now that Mr. Barone --of U.S. News & World Report-- has discussed whether Puerto Rico's "all-or-nothing" 63 Delegate Primary might be incredibly decisive in determining the outcome of the primary, will you comment on this related issue that may well impact the result of the PR Primary?

    Will you discuss the person often described as the "French Obama" (for better or worse... she even endorsed Obama on her recent trip to America! :|).

    Segolene Royal dans Harvard: Endorses independence for the U.S. territory of the United States, Puerto Rico?!

    Have you seen this about the French Presidential hopeful, Segolene Royal, which seems to have appeared, among other places, in a page associated to the French ultra-prestigious newspaper, Le Monde Diplomatique?
    Will you comment on it to offer a more balanced perspective and the uniquely yours and facinanting analysis that only you know how to offer?