Keith Olbermann Berates Hillary and Geraldine for Race-Baiting

Keith Olbermann gives Hillary Clinton a well-deserved tongue lashing for her campaign's continued race-baiting. I'm impressed that someone as prominent as Olbermann is finally calling Hillary out.

However, the sad truth is that the Clintons want the attention Geraldine Ferraro's racist comments are receiving from the media. Race-baiting through surrogates is clearly part of the Clintons MO--even if so many of their supporters are in denial about it.

The pattern has been the same. Someone connected to her campaign says makes a racist remark shortly before a primary. The person claims they didn't mean for what they said to come off the way it did. Hillary gives a weak apology. And the media idiotically pretend that both Clinton and Obama are equally at fault.

But the damage to the Obama campaign is done--and Hillary has paid little to nothing for it.

BTW: Geraldine's comments were designed to peal away any White blue collar voters support in upcoming primary states of Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Indiana.

Worst, Geraldine is now "free" to fire away at Obama as a free-lance Clintonista from her perch as a FoxNews commenator. How lovely.

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