Hispanic Congressional Caucus: Enough Already!

The melodrama continues in the Democrat's Hispanic Congressional Caucus. It appears now that Linda Sanchez--Loretta Sanchez's kid sister and fellow U.S. Representative--has quit. Officially, they've suspended their memberships--which means they've quit until Chairman Joe Baca is replaced by someone more agreeable to them.

Are there no statemen or women in the Caucus that can convince Baca, the Sanchezes and others to do the right thing?

Here's my 2 cents:

1) Baca should step down--and he should do so graciously.
2) The sisters Sanchez should rejoin and vow to support the next leader--male or female.
3) The Caucus should give serious consideration to electing a woman chairperson. It's such a bad example that the Caucus has never had a woman chair--and that most of the men can't see their way to promoting one of the 9 Latinas to Caucus leader.
4) The Caucus needs to find more effective ways for addressing conflicts.

Frankly, I've had enough. I've never been a fan of the novela--and I don't much care for the HCC's version of one. I'm tuning the group out and won't pay attention until it gets it act together and begins addressing the serious issues of these historic times.

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