Hill the Accelerant

In yesterday's post on the presidential fundraising sweepstakes, I wrote that the winners were Senator Obama and the country's desire for regime change.

That view has only been reinforced by other commentators here, here and here.

Another accelerant fueling the Democrats fund raising successes may be coming from within the party itself. SpinCycle's John Riley in Patti's Take (4.5.07) makes the point that Democratic coffers overfilled in part because of opposition to Hillary Clinton winning the party's nomination.

Riley's onto something. If Hillary is so beloved within her party--and if Democrats are so thrilled with the prospects of another 8 years of the 'Bill and Hill Run The Country Show', wouldn't Edwards and Obama's efforts fail to get much lift? Instead, both Edwards and Obama are breaking fund raising records themselves--and Obama actually beat Hillary in funds raised for the primary.

Q: Has there ever been a politician who not only sparks massive intra-and inter-party fund raising, but also obliterates fund raising records themselves? Hill the Accelerant!

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