Undocumented Immigrants Pay Taxes, Too!

Tax Returns Rise for Immigrants in U.S. Illegally (by Nine Bernstein, NYTimes - 4.16.07)

"...[I]llegal immigrants are sending in federal returns in what appear to be record numbers despite fears heightened by recent immigration raids around thecountry."

Mr. Lima said that he had been a police officer for 16 years in Ecuador, before the country’s economic crisis left him unable to support his wife and three daughters on his wages. He sent them about half the $12,000 he made last year, he said. “I’m not afraid,” he added. “I really don’t feel I’m doing anything wrong. I’m working and I’m paying taxes.”



  1. Anonymous4/19/2007

    I really don't understand the argument used by illigal immigrants and their advocates regarding working and paying taxes. When did working and paying taxes become a justification to break the law?

  2. great post very interesting