Steve Levy Begs for Visas

A poster boy for America's anti-immigrant codes movement, Suffolk County Executive Steve Levy is now begging the federal government to issue loads of temporary worker visas.

Why? Because many businesses in Suffolk County, New York depend on temporary foreign labor--and they face financial ruin without access to that labor pool.

Keeping the East End's tourism industry healthy is important to local officials because of its economic impact. According to the Long Island Convention & Visitors Bureau, tourism on Long Island is a $4.3 billion industry that generates 38,000 jobs and about $69 million in sales taxes.
However, Levy has not received a response from the federal government--and he may not.

A leading critic of the Bush administration's so-called "open borders policy", Levy now expects the U.S. Labor Department to bail him out with loads of expedited visas.

Are the chickens coming home to roost?

The result of Colorado's own anti-immigrant codes legislation is that businesses there have been crippled as well. And its agribusinesses are being told by government to use unproductive and dangerous prison chain gangs for labor.

If Levy follows Colorado's lead he'll soon be proposing to use the county's imprisoned child molesters, thieves and rapists to attend to the needs of summer vacationers. And he'll claim that it'll save county tax payers money in the process.

Dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb!!!!

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  1. Anonymous4/11/2007

    Was this written by a child?