Sonia Sotomayor: A Justice Like No Other

Barack Obama said he wanted: a Supreme Court nominee with a "common touch." With Sonia Sotomayor, he got somebody with a common touch and an uncommon story. Nobody expects you to be chosen someday for the Supreme Court when your father was a welder with a third-grade education. Nobody expects you to make it to Princeton when you come from a public-housing project.



  1. Thanks For the Materials and Informations Mr Gerry Vázquez

    I am extremely happy, elated and energyzed with the Nomination of Sonia Sotomayor to the Supreme Court. But I am also scared and worried.

    Somewhat afraid of Too Many Great Victories for Latinos or Minorities

    I love the panelists and discussions of some Foundations and I post the Videos that they produce on these topics of Minorities, Racial Relations, etc ..

    For example panelists and seminars with Millennial Makeover Co-authors Morley Winograd and Mike Hais - presented by Simon Rosenberg of NDN presents wonderful lectures or discussions of several intellectuals.

    I use these videos in my MILENIALS.COM because I follow the path of Youngsters and Youth. To see how they voted and are going to vote. And Minorities have a lot of Youngsters.

    I feel Great Sympathy for candidates like Judy Chu, for next special election in California on July.

    I hope to see many videos of other Great Panelists ( in other Foundations ) like Henry Cisneros, Gregory Rodriguez, Professor Hua Hsu ( from the Athlantic Monthly and Vassar College ), John B. Judis, Ruy Teixeira .... I try to collect their videos and articles and present them in my websites.

    But I am afraid of many Great Victories for Minorities like Sonia Sotomayor, Comprehensive Immigration Reform, etc .... The Dracula of Hate lies inside his coffin and can get out because of the agitation of Hate and Fear of the EVIL MEDIA.

    Things are better for the USA if changes are smooth and without violence. I wish that there is a New Era of Understanding and not of Hate. Same for the Western Hemisphere.


    Vicente Duque

  2. Fred Barnes becoming an Old Senile Silly Man, Very Gaga, almost Alzhemier like.

    I have an "Infallible Remedy" for Insomnia. Turn on the TV set on "Special Report" of Fox News with Fred Barnes and Charles Krauthammer.

    These are the most boring guys in the Whole World. I call them the Mummy and the Zombie, in that order. They seem to be covered with dust and cobwebs as if living in the house of Miss Havisham in the novel "Great Expectations" of Charles Dickens.

    And now Fred Barnes says that the success of Judge Sonia Sotomayor is due to "Affirmative Action" and he says that Imbecility with a lot of Derision and Despising that Lady, and feelings of superiority and self-satisfaction.

    Fortunatley there are Great Journalists and a President of Princeton University that show in Salon.com the Imbecility of Fred Gagá, Gagá, Gagá Barnes.

    Could you suggest a better lodging for Fred Barnes than the House of Miss Havisham, a house of Dust, Cobwebs, Old Furniture, Old Fashion, and Anger ( because Miss Havisham was very frustated, due to be left in Wedding Attire by her Fiancé )

    See all the Lapstick Comedy and the Clowns of this Episode here :


    Vicente Duque