Nicolás Kanellos: Latinos Transforming U.S. society

Latinos have opportunity to transform U.S. society (Houston Chronicle, 3.3.09) is an important and insightful article by Dr. Nicolás Kanellos, director of Arte Público Press of the University of Houston and contributor to the new book Latinos and the Nation’s Future. It's a must read for anyone interested in the evolution of the U.S. Latino population and U.S.-Latinoamerican relations.

Here's an abstract:

"Just look at U.S. Census projections based on Latinos already in this country and it becomes clear that it’s time to accept the premise of inevitable and monumental Latino population growth. What exactly this means for the future of the country is still uncertain. But here’s one guarantee: The United States’ ballooning Latino growth will have significant implications for practically all segments of social and economic life in the United States. . . . The growing economic integration of the Americas will lead to cultural integration as well: The history, culture and civilization of Hispanics will increasingly be seen as part of the national American culture, one shared by all."
However, the growth and influence of Latinos is disturbing to racists, thus any discussion on this theme is harshly combated and even censored. Is this the article is gone yet vile Anti-Latino comments remain on the paper's online edition?

Gratefully, you can find the article here on Dr. Angela Valenzuela's blog, Immigration, Education and Globalization: U.S.-Mx.

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