M.B.O! (Michelle, Barack & Oprah!)

Michelle, Barack & Oprah! took their Hope for America Tour to Des Moines, Iowa today.

Tomorrow, South Carolina.


It still amazes that the media and political elites still don't get what a huge story this is. They continue dismissing Barack as a novelty. Oprah's entry has gotten their attention with her added star power, but again, it seems to me that they're seeing the tour as a short-lived act. Nothing to worry about.

Meanwhile, the elites are weary that their candidates--Romney/Clinton/Giuliani--may be upended by The People.

The people seem to prefer Obama and Huckabee.

I say, Power to the People!


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  1. I agree -- also Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich are running fairly strong grassroots campaigns on the outskirts. Hope you've caught the coverage of the demand for a debate between Obama and Clinton in Harlem.... on The Hankster of course!