Obama and Bloomberg: Eggs and Toast?

Mayor Michael Bloomberg had breakfast with Democratic Presidential hopeful U.S. Senator Barack Obama today.

Nothing unusual except that the private meeting was very public, the media was alerted, Hillary's camp was kept in the dark, and it took place just a few blocks from Hillary's campaign HQ.

Wow! The Clintonistas have got to be concerned.

It's one thing worrying about a possible 3rd party presidential bid by the liberal NYC mayor, but it's quite another to have Bloomberg working in cahoots with your main primary opponent.

Of course, it could have just been two pols having breakfast. NOT!!! Or Bloomberg just being friendly to a competitor he's about crush as he powers up the Independent Bloomberg for President battle fleet. May be. Or Bloomberg and Obama feeling each other out for the VP slots in their respective campaigns. Who knows.

Bottom line? It ain't good news for Madam Hillary.

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