Latinas Having Babies: Jessica Alba

Stunning U.S. Latina actress Jessica Alba is pregnant. The bebe is due in late spring.


BTW: Walls can't stop the babies.


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  1. Except Jessica doesn't consider herself Latina

  2. Gossip Perez Hilton did accuse Jessica Alba last July of dissing her Latinidad. Alba--who's father is of Mexican heritage--tagged Perez a shameless publicity hound and liar. Later, she declared her Latina pride while promoting her most recent release in Mexico City.

    Truth is, too many Latinos deny or downplay their Latino heritage. I personally think it's a silly thing to do.

    However, my point is that what ever it is that some consider themselves, the growth of the U.S. Latino population continues. And it doesn't matter what Jessica calls herself--or what people like Patrick Buchanan think.

  3. Well, Jessica is setting a poor example. Yes, another Latina having a baby out of wedlock. She's lucky enough to have earned millions of dollars, so she won't be thrown into a life of poverty. However, for the average single Latina, one of the surest ways to enter a life of poverty is to become a single mother. While there are some single mothers who thrive, there are startling statistics of the many who don't.

    And as Latina as she may consider herself now or then, notice how she doesn't seem to keep company with Latin men? She's pretty to look at, but she probably wouldn't give the average Latin male the time of day.

  4. Adriana, Single parenthood is generally a one-way ticket to a lifetime of struggle. No doubt.

    And it's true that while while Hollywood actors have the wherewithal to hire a team of nannies, cooks, drivers, psychologists, summer camps, etc., it's NO substitute for available and a loving mommy and daddy.

    In terms of whether Jessica shuns Latinos, I don't know--and I don't much care.

    Jessica may very well shun Latinos out of her own identity problems--part of which may have been planted by her Mexican father. She wouldn't be the first--nor the last.

    However, it's also possible that some Latinas pairing with nonLatinos is based more on availablity, compatibility and attraction than anything else.

  5. so sad, who was the lucky guy?