Tara Plantation II: The Clinton Attacks Obama Wiki

While Republican Bobby Jindal, the nation's first East Indian-American governor, was sworn in Monday in Louisiana, Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and her associates have been deploying a despicable "racialized" Southern strategy.

Of course, the Clinton's are denying that they're using racist tactics to peel away white white Southern votes from Obama. But to those of us paying attention, it's exactly what they're doing. Daily Kos'rikyrah is onto the Clintons--as are many African American bloggers, including Prometheus 6, who observed:

I believe they are trying to bury the email forwarding, Bill Shaheening, Bob Kerreying, 'Pig' Penning that Hillary approved. They're trying to make the controversy about the MLK comment (which was ambiguous) instead the the Southern Strategy she's been implementing.

The Clintons are banking on the press rolling over and/or failing to see the obvious. So rikyrah has taken it upon herself to create The Clinton Attacks Obama Wiki, an incident tracker of the racial insults hurled at Obama by the Clintons and their surrogates. As a wiki people are free to add to the list as new incidents occur.

Here's the list as it stands:


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