Who Won The ABC N.H. Debates? Change

Winners of the back-to-back GOP and Democratic presidential debates by ABCNews/Facebook in New Hampshire were those candidates most convincing in their claims to be a true change agent for a weary nation.

Who were those candidates?

I believe they were John McCain for the GOP and Barack Obama for the Democrats.

John McCain - Senator McCain won the mantel--albeit in Republican form--by detailing how he took on the Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld and forced the Bush administration to change its war strategy in Iraq.

The GOP runner-up? Mike Huckabee for his populist focus on average Americans.

Barack Obama - Avoided Hillary's bait to get into a tussle while keeping his eye on bringing about a more constructive political dialogue.

The Democratic runner-up? Edwards also for his "personal" commitment to pursuing a politics on behalf of the little guy.

N.H. Democratic Debate
N.H. Republican Debate

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