Mitt: Descarado

Republican presidential aspirant Mitt Romney is this cycle's Slick Willy--albeit, without the charm. He's the the liberal to moderate Massachusetts pol who's now campaigning as the sort of reactionary sure to please the unexpired remnants of the Buchanan brigades. He's reversed himself on so many issues it's hard to keep track, including abortion, immigrants, gays, taxes and guns.

In Tough-Talking Romney Forgets (Who Looks After) His Roots, Pat Young of Long Island's Central American Refugee Center takes Romney to task for his hypocrisy on the issue of undocumented workers. Here's an excerpt:

While Romney is now an immigration hawk, it is good to remember that for years undocumented Guatemalan immigrants cut his lawn and trimmed his bushes. It is interesting that someone who wants us to be very afraid of the undocumented felt very comfortable to have these hard-working fellows performing services right outside his own window. Behind every well-heeled anti-immigrant politician is an army of undocumented servants providing him or her with the leisure to go off on crusade.
Columnist Miguel Garcia zeroes in on the exact label for such a fellow: Descarado.


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  1. Miguel Garcia has some good points but he needs to make sure of his facts: Romney was governor of Massachusetts, not Connecticut.

    A small enough error, yet enough to persuade an undecided the man doesn't know what he's talking of.