New Year's Resolution: Up The Fight!

I stopped making New Year's resolutions awhile ago after continuously failing to keep them, but this year I'm making an exception.

2006 has been my most difficult year yet professionally. Believe it or not but helping people start schools for kids is a hugely controversial thing in NY--and I'm on the hit list.

Starting American Taino (originally U.S.Taino) is in part my way of saying that while they can hurt me economically (and they have), they will not shut me down.

Therefore, my resolutions:

1) Stay true to who I am. This means challenging people on the right as well as on the the left--especially on issues so important to the poor and families of color like education, political representation and economic reforms.

2) Leverage the American Taino experience into a powerful voice for U.S.Latinos and others on the Internet and related mediums.

3) Stay positive and optimistic about the future. It's far too easy to take one's eyes off the prize in polarized times. The left and the right are both guilty of using shrill and divisive tactics in their tired game of "king of the hill". The truth is that the sky is not falling and America is trending in a positive direction. The merchants of strife, inane policies and overheated rhetoric will be increasingly lose ground to sane, mature, civic minded class of leaders.

4) Inspire a sense of pride and optimism among people, especially among those of the working classes and immigrants. These really are the people that produce the country's wealth, bring new ideas, protect the country and give disproportionately to aid others. They are what keeps the American Dream alive for all.

5) Broaden my network. That is, develop an expanding network of individuals that are decent and forward thinking; value workers and entrepreneurs; celebrate; honor important traditions and celebrate diversity; focus on innovation and problem-solving; and are deeply committed to raising the quality of civic life through information, debate and choice.

These are tough resolutions and I'll need your help in carrying them out.

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