Dear U.S.Taíno Readers

For reasons still unclear to me, U.S. Taíno vanished two days ago. I still have not fully recovered from the horror of losing my U.S.Taíno, a weblog I spent hundreds of hours building into an attractive and informative site with over 100 posts, numerous links, reviews and a list of readers' hometowns.

Equally troubling is that neither Blogger, host for U.S.Taíno, or parent company Google, have responded adequately to my pleas for help.

As a result, I've been forced to start another weblog from scratch. I'm redoing those parts that can be replicated and I've begun the hugely labor-intensive effort to try to locate and/or recreate over 100 lost posts.And to add further insult to injury, the GoogleBloggerCorporation computers refuse to allow me the use U.S. Taíno (hence American Taíno).

How pathetic is that?

If anyone can provide me with any advice or assistance to help me retrieve my lost content, I will be eternally grateful.

U.S.Taíno (aka American Taíno)

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