Maria Amelia Lopez (1911-2009): R.I.P.

The matriarch of Spanish language blogging has died at age 97 in the northern Spanish province of La Coruna.

Maria Amelia Lopez charmed readers with reminiscences and folksy chat at A mis 95 años/95 years old blogger, including stories about Spain's Civil War and life under the dictatorship of General Francisco Franco.

Doña Lopez, who dictated her entries to her grandson Daniel because she suffered from cataracts, became a beloved figure in Spain and across the globe.
"My grandson gave me this blog when I was 95 on December 23 2006 and my life changed. Since that day I've had 1,570,784 visits from bloggers from 5 continents who have cheered up my old age." Maria Amelia Lopez
Part of Doña Lopez' purpose was to inspire other seniors to connect with people via the internent, share stories and to continue learning.

May she continue blogging from heaven.

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