Head of Skate: The Sarah Palin Disney Trailer

This may be the funniest video of this improbable yet politically humorous presidential campaign.

It's a "movie trailer" about a suburban hockey mom who finds herself President and C.I.C. of the USA. She's plucked from her hockey mom to become VP. The old geezer POTUS croaks -- elevating the mom to commander-in-chief of the world's sole superpower.

Looking to take advantage of the novice national leader's inexperience, Russia's Putin makes his move. The president must respond. Relying on her hockey instincts, she challenges the would-be Czar to a face-off.

Yes, an actual one-on-one face off on ice in pads, helmet, mouth guard and stick.I think you can figure out how the story ends. Very funny. And scary!

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