Who Won the 9/25 Presidential Debate? Obama

Video Clip of the Debate's Defining Exchange

Senator Barack Obama won this evening's first presidential debate at Ole Miss for these reasons:

- Obama more than held his own against a 26 year political veteran.
- Obama offered superior judgement in pursuit of national security interests.
- Obama was gracious, respectful and likable.
- Obama offered proposals that benefit middle Americans - tax cuts, smarter foreign policy, energy diversification, affordable college, etc.
- Obama looked and sounded like a commander-in-chief.
- Obama displayed a command of domestic and foreign policy.

In comparison, McCain was overly aggressive, condescending and repeatedly misrepresented Obama's positions. Additionally....

- McCain had surprisingly little to offer Americans on economics.
- McCain came off like an stubborn old man on the issue of the Iraq War.
- McCain was ungracious, condescending, and dismissive. He never looked at Obama.
- McCain became visibly angry when challenged.
- McCain repeatedly threw his political ally George W. Bush under the bus.
- McCain seemed too desperate, repeatedly pleading for support.


  1. Well Gerry we obviously saw the debate from distinctly different vantage points. McCain clearly won on every point in fact. Even Barry Obama said repeatedly that "Senator McCain is right."


  2. Anonymous9/27/2008

    I find it disingenuous that people are taking words out of context like "John was right", but dropping off the subject about which he was speaking- but it's typical republican word-play. If that's what you want more of, then by all means vote for John McCain.

    A healthy majority of us are sick and tired of idiot politicking that insults the intelligence of the American public, and decays our image around the world.

    Obama displayed the ability to see the good in the opponent's arguments while still disagreeing about the prescription. McCain tried to misrepresent Obama's tax plan, with the man standing right next to him! We see you John, you're not the man you claim to be.