Reason #6 Why the Clinton Campaign Needs To Be Shutdown: Self-Indulgent, Undisciplined, Orwellian

The media is all a twitter and Clintonistas are spitting fire over revelations that Hillary and Bill's final argument to Super Delegates: Obama Can't Win.


Just think about this argument for a minute: While Hillary is losing to Obama in the Democratic Party's own primary contests, "supers" should ignore this and crown Hillary because only she can win. Say What?

Priceless. And pure Clintonista silliness. Here's their twisted logic:

- Obama has won 30 primary contests to Hillary's 14, but Hillary should be the nominee.
- Obama has raised lots more many from twice as many donors, but Hillary is the stronger fall candidate.
- Obama has received more votes, but Hillary is more electable.
- Obama has won more delegates, but Hillary should be the party's standard bearer.
- Polls show that only Obama can beat McCain in the fall, but Hillary thinks otherwise.
- Polls show that 2x as many Americans like Obama than Hillary, but Hillary thinks more voters will vote for her in the fall than for Obama.
- Polls show that the public wants a change and that Obama best represents that change, but Hillary thinks that in a contest between her and McCain that the public wants yet more of the Clinton melodramas that fatigued even hard boiled Democrats long ago.

Finally, no doubt that Obama has run an innovative, disciplined and effective campaign--of the sorts never seen before. By comparison, Hillary's has been messy, undisciplined and has grossly underperformed. Add to that record the fact that Hillary failed in her central senatorial promise to bring even modest economic help to Upstate New York; drove health care reform into a ditch; and has been involved (or Bill) in so many questionable and even shady transactions. But still, Hillary should be the nominee because she'll make a better chief executive than Obama.

This whole pathetic Hillary run (along w/Bill and W's 16 years) is yet more evidence for why the voters should NOT entrust the leadership of the U.S. and the world to bankrupt baby boomers. Any wonder why voters are preferring McCain and Obama?

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