Who Won The ABC Democratic Debate in Philadelphia? Sean Hannity

ABCNews' George Stephonopoulus and his hapless sidekick, Charlie Gibson were reading directly from the rightwing/Clintonista playbook.

The first half of the 2 hour debate involved George and Charlie lobbing many of the baseless allegations and guilty by association questions of today's most rabid wingnuts. The questions were the very ones rightwing screechers have been furiously pushing since they first learned that Barack Obama is a real threat to their continued political dominance. They were tabloid type gotcha questions designed to smear Barack: Bittergate, Rev. Wright, Chicago's Bill Ayers, Hamas, Louis Farahkan.

Along the way the dual gave Hillary the freedom to repeat many of the same charges and then some. Actually, she's the one that brought up Farrakhan and Hamas and purposely left the uninformed viewer to conclude that the associations were Obama's.

Why Sean Hannity?

Hannity has been using his radio program and perch on FOX to smear Obama. Very vile stuff in keeping with his supremacists politics and clear hate for progressive Americans--especially African Americans.

However, with their waning influence -- even with conservative Republicans (e.g., few Republicans listened when he advocated voting for Mitt Romney), Hannity and the other wingnuts' pogrom against Obama has had virtually no effect on public opinion.

Plan B (AUDIO: Hannity Feeds Stephanopoulos Debate Questions)

Hannity had George on his radio program yesterday and quickly learned that he had a willing ally. Hannity offered his tired litany of anti-Obama tabloid questions and George accepted. Not only did George accept but he himself offered that Obama, in his opinion, had not been vetted.

George, a Clintonista pseudo journalist, accepting aid from a rightwing propagandist with an unveiled agenda to defeat Barack Obama is a curious thing.

Additionally, Hillary's smirk and body language throughout the debate made it clear that she very well knew what was going down.

Notwithstanding the withering attack by George and Charlie (on behalf of the wingnuts and the Clintonistas), Hillary herself, and McCain (in abstentia), they did not knock Barack Obama down. He was smart, agile, tough and even graceful.

Obama's still standing. And he's still their biggest threat. And our biggest hope.

The real winner?

Barack Obama and decent Americans everywhere.

Yes, we can!

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