Governor Luis Fortuño of Puerto Rico Flees Egg Attack

This man is being roughed by the bejeweled police officer for throwing an egg at Puerto Rico's rookie governor Luis Fortuño...who abruptly ended his press conference and scurried to safety.

But who should be the one arrested?

The egg thrower losing his job? Or the Republican governor who has fired 17,000 government employees (including class teachers) in the midst of Puerto Rico's worst recession/depression in recent memory?

In't Fortuño and his coddled class the real criminals here?

Clearly the ambitious Fortuño -- who snagged a primetime speaking slot in last year's national McCain-Palin convention -- is thinking ahead to a possible high level appointment in a future GOP presidency. Being tough on the people is clearly a requirement for high office as a Republican, right?

Meanwhile, Luis Raúl Torres, member of the Puerto Rico House of Representatives from the opposing Popular Democratic Party, has introduced an amendament to the Puerto Rican constitution allowing a recall election. A website poll shows 68% of respondents support the measure.

So while Fortuño's move may not be as crazy as it might appear to the rest of us, still firing people in this environment is beyond cruel even for a Republican.

However, it does prove that a lapdog Republican in the governor's mansion in San Juan, during a national recession, in a country led by the man you wanted defeated, is not good for island Borikuas.

Link: Posibles cargos contra manifestante


  1. Sad about economic misfortunes in Puerto Rico. I hope that boricuans can enjoy a better economy soon.


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  2. This article stinks of political bias and fanatism. The worst crime against intelligence is turning opinion into fact.

    The governor of PR, Luis Fortuno, has been forced to make a hard and upsetting decision by the previous administrations that stupidly led us into billions of dollars in deficit. That's the real enemy of the people of PR, and of these 17,000 people.

    I think the responsible thing to do is move forward and work on our economy to better our lives and those of the population. Making use of conspiracy theories about presidential bids (which he can't have because he was born in PR), is not only irresponsible, but offensive to all of us that are struggling through these hard times.

  3. Anonymous9/30/2009

    It is absolutely tragic the amount of people losing their jobs in PR. However, goverment agencies in PR have a well known reputation of hiring people based on political favors from both main parties. Add that to the fact of a decadent economy and the result is the current situation. I think the goverment should make a better effort to resolve that situation. On the other hand, I would never excused the behavior shown by the person who threw the egg. The day you think that it excusable to act that way, you are just showing the character of a person who employers do not like.

  4. Anonymous9/30/2009

    Man is being arrested for a criminal assault against a state Governor, a felony. The use of force is an integral part of a law enforcement officer's job, particularly when arresting agressive criminals, and specially criminals that attempt against an elected public oficial.What if the egg had been a gun, and a a tragedy would have resulted. Was Harvey Lee Oswald roughed by bejeweled police officers?

  5. Anonymous9/30/2009

    This man had been laid off back in 2004 when the PPD pro-Commonwealth government pushed for the closing of the Vieques and Roosevelt Roads Bases, the US Navy’s largest bases who supplied most of the northeastern part of the island’s whole economy.

    This man’s job loss was a direct result of the past PPD pro-Commonwealth government anti American policies who embraced Hugo Chavez and his revolutionary politics. Hugo Chavez was the PPD government’s inaugural speaker in January 2001.

    From there Puerto Rico’s economy suffered constant negative economic growth for eight straight years. Meanwhile the PPD government terminated thousands of pro Statehood career public employees and added almost 40,000 PPD employees to the payroll. Each public employee earns an average of $35k, but the real cost including all benefits is around $70k. The grand total for 2008 resulted in a 224,000 payroll (300,000 public employees if you include public
    corporations). 224,000 x $35k=$7.84 Billion dollars or most of the state budget. The government should operate with only 70,000 employees.

    In order to pay, the PPD government would emit billions of dollars in public bonds to pay recurring expenses. This caused the Puerto Rico Bonds, that historically were top investments graded at AAA-, to be downgraded to almost junk bonds. With no credit the government cannot function. The PPD government left a $60Billion dollar debt with nothing to show for.

  6. Anonymous9/30/2009

    The Pro-Commonwealth PPD government caused a local island recession since 2002, that only got much worse after 6 years with the world recession, making Puerto Rico almost sink into its first depression since 1930.

    Under the PPD government there was a loss of over 220,000 private jobs because of the retreat of private investment chilled with the nationalist and populist policies.

  7. Anonymous9/30/2009

    Class techers were not laid off since they have yearly contrats that have to be renewed every year.

  8. Anonymous9/30/2009

    Class teachers were not laid off since they have yearly contracts that have to be renewed every year.

  9. Anonymous9/30/2009

    Why didn’t Luis Raul Torres file the same bill under past PPD Governor AAV that was indicted for corruption, pay to play schemes, fraud, and drove Puerto Rico to bankruptcy? When many businesses left the island for fear of their investments? When more than 200,000 private jobs were lost? When 400,000 Puerto Ricans had to move from the island to the mainland for opportunities for decently paid jobs?

  10. Anonymous9/30/2009

    President Bill Clinton was a great President. One of his first Executive Orders was to lay off more than 500,000 Federal employees to free space in a bloated budget. However, Bill Clinton was able to stimulate the economy where there was a huge private sector growth that easily absorbed the laid off workers with well paid private jobs...

  11. Anonymous9/30/2009

    The PPD increased Puerto Rico’s debt to more than $60 Billion, more than all states. In the PPD 2008 government platform they proposed a Constitutional Assembly for the Associated Republic of Puerto Rico: a sovereign nation with Compact of Free Association with the United States, like the Federated States of Micronesia, the Republic of Palau, and the Republic of the Marshall Islands. The PPD intended to ask the U.S. government for a $140Billion endowment to replace the $26B/yr (given to its American citizens) for the new republic to function, and
    American Citizenship would be replaced with a sole national Puerto Rican citizenship. The PPD would probably ask the US to condone the $60Billion Puerto Rico debt they created with their big government spending. That would have definitely caused about 3.5 million Puerto Ricans to have to leave their homes to move a mainland state for a decent quality of life.

  12. Anonymous9/30/2009

    Wasn't Rogelio Figueroa an "environmentalis"? What's he doing throwing eggs?

  13. Anonymous10/13/2009

    Well it seems that the governor needs more than a egg to wake up. I lost my job in June. I dont get nothing from the goverment. Local or Federal. They ( Fortuno and his crew ) can all go to Hades

  14. Anonymous10/20/2009

    To the last post: "I don't get nothing from the government..." Learn how to speak correctly and then maybe you land a decent job. After YEARS of poor administration, the governor of PR has been forced to make hard decisions to better the economic debt that has built up. No one can blame him (or anyone) for trying to CLEAN UP the mess that everyone else had made. These are hard times for everyone, but it is NOT one person's fault.

  15. There's no doubt that Puerto Rico's economic troubles have been long in the making, with successive regimes in San Juan and DC turning a blind eye.

    It's why I took the previous governor to task for failing to tackle--let alone comprehend--the island's enormous problems. See:

    Puerto Rico - Island in Distress – 2/07
    PR Gov Dithers While Murders Surge – 1/07
    Islanders Vote 'No Confidence' - 2/07

    However, people are not blaming Fortuno as the sole cause of PR’s economic tsumani, but that his solutions are inequitable and counterproductive. For example, when asked recently by Jorge Ramos about his many and highly compensated administration team members, Fortuno’s view essentially was that they’d already sacrificed enough. Seriously!

    It’s clear that Fortuno has few allies w/in the current Democratic Party controlled US govt, so his response to PR’s problems appears to be to go to the right of even the harshest mainland Republican governor. This may win Fortuno an appointment w/in a future GOP administration, but a whole lot of Borikuas will pay dearly for it.