Roberto Clemente Walker (#21) - A Video Tribute

Growing up in Puerto Rico we got to learn a lot about his character, it was obvious that not only was he one of the greatest players, but a great human being as well.
Bernie Williams, NY Yankee All-Star

There was ... Clemente playing a kind of baseball that none of us had ever seen before -- throwing and running and hitting at something close to the level of absolute perfection, playing to win but also playing the game almost as if it were a form of punishment for everyone else on the field.
Roger Angell, The Summer Game

Roberto had the pride of a racehorse, the fury of a hurricane, the grace of ballet dancer, the arm of a canon, but most of all the noble character of a great man. InterlochenFan

The best player EVER!! stevengargoyle

You can only hope to be as good a person as Roberto Clemente. carlinrulez666

Thank you for the beautiful tribute to one of the greatest sports legends in history. The music you chose with the video is very well done. Roberto Clemente will always be my my favorite athletic hero as I had the pleasure of seeing him play on many occasions. mfclassic

I never got to see him play, but he's still my hero. luis872

Our 5th graders read "We'll Never Forget You, Roberto Clemente" every year. I showed this tribute to my students on the projector in our computer lab today. You could hear a pin drop. Thank you! moondog2323

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  1. Roberto Clemente had great stats and was a rare breed, a player with all the tools: speed, power, grace, hit for average, hit for power, hit in the clutch with a canon like arm. But that was not what was greatest about Clemente. To watch him play was like watching Baseball Ballet, he made the game an art form but remained humble, a gentleman and a humanitarian.

  2. Anonymous3/21/2010

    As a kid I didn't know just how great a man & player he was. But as I am older now I am starting to realize how much greatness he had asboth a player and a man. All of the the major leagers should take note on how to play the game and conduct yourself as men.


  3. Anonymous4/20/2012

    I'm a Taino American serving God and country in Afghanistan, yet watching Roberto drew my tears. Many wish to be half the man and a Marine reservist too. May you live forever, one of the most beautiful man that ever lived and the last baseball heroe, #21