Spain's "Slanty-Eye" Insult

The Spanish men's Olympics basketball team strike a "slanty eye" pose just prior to the Beijing games. The photographed insult was included in Spain's leading sports daily Marca on behalf of a courier company.

BTW: Spain beat China in the men's competition in overtime today; while China edged Spain in the women's tournament Saturday. The Spanish men face the USA on Friday. I'm guessing that the Spanish will not show up in black-face.

Olympics: Spain's eye-catching faux pas

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  1. While the people of China should - and have been doing so - give the Thumbs Up sign to all of the athletes from all participating countries at the games, from now on, they should use a different finger where the Neanderthals on the Spanish basketball gang are concerned. I would also suggest, that for every game the Spanish gang are present, all Chinese - and perhaps anyone else that feels such a racially motivated insult is reprehensible - should simply stay away from the game and let them play to an empty arena.