U.S. Concentration Camps: Wrong during WWII; Wrong Now

The imprisonment of persons of Japanese heritage during WWII was one of America's most shameful acts. Thousands of people lost their property and freedom simply because a white majority--led by racist politicians and radio broadcasters--decided to brutalize "aliens" in the name of "national security."

Sound familiar?

While Americans would acknowledge that dispossessing and imprisoning people simply because of their race, or because they "may be" disloyal, is wrong on all levels, I'm not so sure that today's anti-immigrants share that view.

Watch this U.S. propaganda film and see if you don't hear some of the same racist justifications used today to pass anti-immigrant housing and employment codes, imprison immigrants in "detention" centers, and racially profile immigrants.

Also, listen for the smug claims of moral superiority. The narrator--sounding an awful lot like Patrick Buchanan--actually claims that the horrific treatment of Japanese Americans was "civilized" and "christian".

Shameful yesterday. Shameful today.

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