Elvira's Song

Chicago Tribune photo by Abel Uribe (8.19.07): Elvira Arellano meets with news media at Our Lady Queen of Angels church in downtown Los Angeles on Sunday just prior to her arrest a few blocks away.

Click here for an 11 photo documentary of Elvira and Saul's fateful trip to Los Angeles.

ELVIRA'S SONG was written in support of Elvira Arellano and her son Saul by neighbors of Elvira’s former Humboldt Park sanctuary Adalberto United Methodist Church. As musicians, they chose to lend their voices to her crusade.

Elvira, under threat of deportation, had taken refuge to avoid separating from her son Saul, who is a U.S. citizen. Sadly, she was arrested by ICE yesterday and deported.

Click here for a recording of Elvira's Song.

E. Wright Cooley, Rebecca F., Colin McGeehan 2007

Jesus, hide me
Don’t let them take Saulito away
My boy’s an American
Like I would be if I had my way

Why don’t you want me?
My home is here and I want to stay
Mother or motherland
Is not a choice a son should make

I’m not a criminal
I’m not a terrorist
I’m just a single working mother and I need this.

Le lo le

Tried to break up my family
That’s why I had to raise the stakes
And I’m asking you honestly
Do you think you wouldn’t do the same?

A.) Accept me
B.) Ignore me
C.) Deport me
D.) There is no D!

We are not criminals
We are not terrorists
We are honest working families and we need this


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  1. Anonymous8/22/2007

    We're tired of single motherhood, ignorance and poverty among both illegal and legal residents. If a person can't afford to support herself, she doesn't deserve to have a child. WHEREVER she is born, she should figure out a way to survive THERE. If she chooses to emigrate illegally to another country, she can expect to live in fear of deportation. Playing the religion card is a bit much, and the lyrics suck (probably the music as well -- I couldn't bear to listen).