Mercedes Sosa, R.I.P.

Argentine folk singer Mercedes Sosa, the "voice of Latin America" whose music inspired opponents of South America's brutal military regimes and led to her forced exile in Europe, died today. She was 74.

Watch the video for a glimpse into what made 'La Negra' beloved by the people and hated by the powerful.

Calló la voz y la vida de Mercedes Sosa - http://bit.ly/LaNegra
Argentine folk singer Mercedes Sosa dies aged 74 - http://bit.ly/LaNegra2
Mercedes Sosa - wikipedia


  1. Anonymous10/06/2009

    Senorona descanse en PAZ..

  2. Gracias Negra

    ... the world lost a great soul...
    Mercedes Sosa had a spectacular voice. ...She had the ability to cross cultural and class barriers and move people with the simple beauty of her art....

    (continued online at scrubbuzz)
    Farewell 3 Great Souls