Luis Valdez @ the Latino Indie Producers

American playwright, writer and film director Luis Valdez was the keynoter at the recent gathering of Latino independent filmmakers.

A great teacher and storyteller, Valdez weaves into his talk personal biography, historical vignettes as well as lessons for young Latino filmmakers -- and he does so with warmth and humor.

The introduction is by Moctesuma Esparza.

From Valdez' El Teatro Campesino website:

From the migrant labor fields to Broadway, Luis Valdez remains true to his original vision... performance that addresses the Chicano experience in America in a context meaningful to all Americans.

Valdez's credits include, founder & artistic director of the internationally renowned El Teatro Campesino, council member of the National Endowment of the Arts, and founding member of the California Arts Council. His awards include, Presidential Medal of the Arts, the prestigious Aguila Azteca Award, Governors Award of the California Arts Council.

Best known works:

Zoot Suit

La Bamba


Valdez continues to work and mentor a new generation of theatre artists at El Teatro Campesino.

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